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A photographic portfolio of diverse people and rich culture throughout Canada and Asia.

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Pho in the Clouds
Old Homeless Farmer
Monks Studying
Man on Elephant
Keeping Warm
Guilin River Raft Construction
Female Farmer
Man Pulling Cow
Forget Chairs
Father and Son
Farmer on Bike
Contemplation 2
Chinese Royalty Statue
Chinese Royalty Broken Statue
Chinese Dog Statues
Cement Table Tennis
Cable Cars
Chinese Outdoor Hair Salon
Ice Fishing Tent Panorama
Ice Fishing Holes
Dehydrated Fish
Fishing Port
Fishing Port Up Close
Tracks Black & White
Train Black & White
Side Train Colour
Indigenous 2
Indigenous 1
Generations 1
Generations 2
Farmer in Rice Terraces
Rice Farmer & Hat
Thai Royal Guard
Vietnamese Helicopter Missle Launcher
Thai Military Soldier
Vietnam Prison Museum
Military Cemetary
Chicken Farm
Deep Fried Birds
Footprints in Rice Fields
Man vs Cobra
Cobra Attacks Handler
Cobra and Missing Finger
Milking the Cobra
Long Neck Woman
Sitting Buddhas
Temple Mural Artist
Kids on Temple Balcony
Strong Woman
Village Boy
Village Girl Portrait
Leaning Village Girl
Kids Begging for Money
Black Teeth Villager
Don't Urinate
People & Culture: Inventory
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